Whoever owns the Delta Queen show their smarts in how they take care of her. Think of it, they leased the boat to operate as a hotel. This insures the boats kept up by the leasee. They don't have to invest a dime. When her exemption ran out she was and syill is in need of boiler work, if not a complete boiler. She also needs paintwork and plmbing repairs, just to name a few needs. Since the hotel operators don't need to sail her, they don't need to get the other boiler fixed. She only needs a small ampunt of steam to operate the galley and colliope and whistle. With the size of the boat, the operators are finding it hard to keep up with the never ending and snowballing work needing to be done. If not for volunteers to pitch in and help she would quickly fall further into less likely to ever sail again. People come to enjoy her even in her captivity, yet see and hear her cries for help. They then start working to help bring her back into shape, right down to turning the wheel. These owners are very smart indeed.