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Thread: New Delta Queen video and song on Youtube

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    Default New Delta Queen video and song on Youtube

    Just wanted to let you know I've uploaded a new Delta Queen video (YouTube - Long Live the Delta Queen, featuring Lon Eldridge's Delta Queen Rag) at Youtube with footage from her 2008 season, mainly around Louisville, KY. The video also features a great new Delta Queen song I've just recently discovered on Youtube - it's the Delta Queen Rag by Jon Eldridge of Chattanooga who plays ragtime on his guitar; what a great sound and what a great song.

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    Default DQ video

    Wonderful video of her pirouetting out of Louisville...and the calliope as she enters the McAlpine Canal... it brought tears of both joy and anger though. We were so lucky to be part of her history, but what a crime that her cruising demise was so premature and unnecessary.

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    Thanks Franz. It is always SO nice to see her moving!!

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    I love the video's whistle intro and calliope outro. It sure brings back the memories of when you could still see her on the Ohio.

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