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Thread: Great Lakes Steamer SS Badger dock fire

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    along the western shores of Lake Michigan at Racine, WI

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Sisak
    I think it funny how the newspaper refers to it as a "ship"...I thought Ships were on oceans and boats were on lakes & rivers! That's what I was always told!!!!
    The upper Connecticut River was home to several shipyards. They made ocean going vessels that were smaller than some vessels that never left the Connecticut River.

    Also in the U.S. Navy, their boats spend most of their time under the surface of the seas and oceans.

    I think it goes back to another conversation that terms are specific to where they are used. So some would call it a ship, and others call it a boat. Until very recently, I could be corrected for not saying "So some would call her a ship, and others call her a boat."

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