I know this is late with this question, but I remember when Discovery Channel was here to film the Ghost Lab. I don't live too far from the railroad museum near the river. Well, There was about 2 different nights about 1 AM when I heard a whistle blow. This whistle didn't sound like the steam locamotives that operate regularly, it was a deep and very beutiful sound. I didnt think too much more on it, until I was listening to the whistles of the steamboats. When I got to the Delta Queen I was positive that whistle I heard was hers. Also, on the news that week they talked about the filming and were showing footage of the DQ running with her stack down. When they showed the paddlewheel it did't look like the films of when she came to Chattanooga, about a forth of the wheel was dark or black from where it looked as though it had not been turned in a long while. If there are any midnight runs, someone let me know. I want to ride too.