Compared to the Delta Queen there is a distinct lack of decorum on the Belle of Louisville. Misbehavior by the clientele is almost a daily occurrence there.

Usually it is minor mischief but once in a while persons, and even groups, seem to come aboard with malice in mind and heart. It seems to be most prevalent among the well-heeled such as "service" clubs and fraternities. They can be really destructive.

Mischief is when a fool decides to jump in the river or a drunk wants to walk the rails like a tightrope or a high school twerp wants to show off for his girl friend and dons a life jacket.

Criminality comes in when felons decide to throw furniture, life jackets or each other overboard.

One terrifying instance was when a kid decided to jump in the river to save time leaving the boat. We were several yards from the old wharf at Louisville when he did it. He landed in mud, unable to move, while the boat slid on and on. The Belle had worn a path in the river-bottom mud. Once the bow was in that groove she would land herself, so she was not about to slide sidewise into the punk. After landing we dragged him ashore and suggested that he try to improve his brain.