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Thread: Steamboats used in "Steamboat Bill Jr."

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    It's ironic that no one seem to know the identity of those boats. There could not have been that many around. Certainly they were documented. Very strange. If they were Mississippi river boats, I'll bet everyone would know.

    Yes, Keaton did all of his stunts. He was something of an acrobat, which is evident when you watch any of his films. There probably weren't too many people around who could do what he did.

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    Capt. Jim the Sacramento Str. LEADER was used in the original "steamboat round the bend". The Gordon C. Greene keeps being mentioned as also in the film but I'm not real sure.

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    I've seen "Steamboat Round the Bend" a few times, including when it was the nightly entertainment in the DQ's Orleans Room. I don't remember any shots of the GORDON C. GREENE. Then again she might have been in one of the many Scotch tape spliced areas on the DQ's copy, unable to be seen, but I don't think so..

    It seems to me as if Jack Custer listed all of the boats used in "Steamboat Round the Bend" in his and Sandy's wonderful "Egregious Steamboat Journal." I'll have to do some huntin' for it.

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    I'm about 99% certain Gordon C Greene wasn't used in it, AFAIK, they were all Sacramento River boats--but I'll have to dig out my copy and watch it again!
    David D.

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    I KNOW the GORDON wasn't in Steamboat Round the Bend or Steamboat Bill Jr.. She was in the Kentuckian and in a scene at the end of Gone With The Wind. None of our boats (the Mississippi River steamboats) were in either of the movies mentioned heretofore in this thread!


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    Default calif boats

    hi all
    back in about 1966 when I was cataloger for the Oakland, Calif History Museum we made a collecting trip to two river steamboats in delta county on the San Joaquin channelized river. The story is that the levee broke and two steamboat from the laid up boats in the Alameda estuary were sent for and they were taken to the break and so placed that there wheel could be used to push the water back out of the fields. and the the boats were stranded there.
    They were later used for temporary labor housing and at some point the boiler and engines were taken off the boats. There was not much left to salvage. I think we got some cabin name plates on there the names were carved into the door lintels. If I know the names of the boats they have faded over the years. most of the pictures we took would be in the Oakland Museum. I might have a slide or two some where. It is my understanding that when the happened there were several steamboats in the estuary and these were likely the cheapest.
    Carl Jones

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    I searched my complete roster of The Egregious Steamboat Journal and all I could find is that the Steamers J.D.PETERS and PORT OF STOCKTON were used in "Steamboat Round the Bend."

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    Default Steamboat Bill Boats

    My friend Ray Brubacher is the theater organist for the American Film Institute here in Washington. I posed the Steamboat Bill question and he replied:

    I have absolutely NO idea of the names of the vessels that were used. It appears that they were mock ups when you think of the decrepit old tub that Keaton and dad Ernest Torrence were operating with ropes.

    I looked at this website. On the larger boat it appears that the stacks are not connected below the roof line?


    Stan Garvey lists the Steamboat Round the Bend boats in King and Queen of the River: LEADER, PRIDE OF STOCKTON (Capital City), T.C. WALKER, PRIDE OF THE RIVER, CAPT. WEBER and CHEROKEE.

    I recall an article in the 1970s in "American Film" the old AFI magazine, about Keaton's location filming, but that may have been only for The General. Maybe one of the internet/library sleuths out here can look for that citation? A virtual Snicker's bar could be at stake.

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