Johnathon The Becky Thatcher built in 1926 retired 1961 used by the Army Corp of Engineers and as a restaurant started taking on water on Feb 19 2010 and became partially submerged. It was docked at Neville Island Pa.The owner at that time was Jeffery Nivens. It was a 3 story boat an was mostly submerged leaving third floor open an only part of 2nd floor an from pictures I have seen not much of the first floor. They had recently had a huge snowstorm in the area an think that might have contributed to the sinking plus the boats age. Mr. Nivens determined the boat would not be salavageable an decided to scrap it thus ending a long an varied career of the riverboat. Carole Matthews Pompano Beach Fla PS Check out Keith Norringtons REQUEIM FOR THE BECKY