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I met the AMERICAN QUEEN at about 6:30 this morning at mile 26 on the Upper. They were upbound (deadhead) to Wood River, IL where the boat will be laid up at Mike's, Inc. along with the PRESIDENT. Spoke with Capt. John Sutton who said "he" was going to do some things about lay-up...is he Master on her? He said they were going to overhaul all three diesels on her. The boat looked pretty good -- one stack up, one stack down, and the wheel was tied down, not turning.
Captain Sutton, was over all 3 boats when DQSC was owned by DNC, he knows all the fine details about all 3 boats. The reason why the wheel was tied is because when you leave the boats sit up for a long time the condensation in the cylenders of the steam engines start to rst out the cylender walls causing pitting. also I'm sure the boilers were in the same condition. So they were running off of the Z drives instead of compromising the steam engines.