hey all

I just happened upon a unique find on the internet. A couple of years ago I noticed a lock report on the Illinois River for the MARINA JACK II, a Bill Preston designed boat built in 1978 at Sarasota, Florida. I never could find out what happened to her and this turned up.

1978 Paddle Wheel Dinner Boat (RHH) Commercial Boat For Sale - www.yachtworld.com

First thing that went through my mind...the showboat dream I hatched with Mike Gentry when we were working aboard the DELTA QUEEN a couple of years ago.

Doesn't this boat look perfect to be behind a little showboat as it tramps the rivers looking for tourists and show goers? I can see a two deck showboat on a barge infront of her now. Calliope playing....entertainers chomping at the bit to get the show started about 7:30pm...on lookers lining the banks as she lands, waiting to get into line to buy tickets for the show.

Would be a beautiful sight, wouldn't it?