I was wondering if anyone knows of the "Steamboat History" of writer Mark Twain. Did he really work on a steamboat and if so, would he know of Captain Isaac Hammitt and his brother-in-law Captain Daniel Pollard from Pittsburgh?

Again I am going through Pittsburgh cemetery records where Isaac Hammitt is buried in lot B41.

In the book The Lewises, The Meriwethers and their Kin, the writer claims Mark Twain was part of the Meriwether Lewis family.

Then Isaac Hammitt is buried about 25 ft from the Lewis and Clark cemetery lot C32 at Versailles Cemetery in Pittsburgh.

I have talked to several Lewis and Clark historians who feel Mark Twain, like the people in his books, was a fictional person who lived in Elmira NY. Also that the Lewis and or Clark family never lived in Pittsburgh. This is much like the story of Robert Fulton or Nicholas Roosevelt never living in Pittsburgh.

It does seem that a lot of Steamboat things are getting done in Pittsburgh without these high level people being involved. Then Historians are firm. Mark Twain, if real, would never visit Pittsburgh because the place was a dump full of smokey Steamboats.