I invite you to join us at steam-whistles : Steam Whistles
Our group is dedicated to and only to furthering the public awareness and knowledge of steam whistles and relating cause with effect regarding their design. We don't just include steam whistles as a sideline as do other groups. Steam whistles are our mainstay. You'll learn how to determine the effects of scaling and cutup on their operating pressure and output and how to design a whistle to operate at a specific frequency and operating pressure without fear of overblowing.
We even have a design spreadsheet that will allow you to design a chime whistle of your own chord that will perform exactly as planned the very first time off the lathe! If you like steam whistles, give us a try. You'll be glad you did.
I also moderate a video group about Steam and Air Whistles at YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

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Languid Plate? Inactive, inert, sluggish, torpid, spiritless, weak, feeble, weary, exhausted, or debilitated? Please explain the usage as per a steam whistle and how it got its name. Is this the flat surface that forms the top of the cup? And if it is, I blew it over-top the smoke stack of the DELTA QUEEN when the whistle was taken down and at the gold-plating shop. It landed on the roof aft of the smokestack, and it must have been blown a mile high, maybe more, because it took forever to land. Had that piece of the whistle, we are discussing, gone down the stack and into the inferno below, my steamboatin' days would have ended that day, and quite possibly that famouse whistle might have been replaced with another, but fate smiled on me and no one ever knew, so, everyone, please.... keep this to yourselves.