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Thread: DELTA QUEEN calliope...where, when, how

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    Default DELTA QUEEN calliope...where, when, how

    Hey all,

    It was suggested to me by several regular posters I begin a thread on the DELTA QUEEN calliope. Since I have already reported alot about this in the DELTA QUEEN bell thread I am gonna copy and paste that here to get the ball rolling.

    Pasted comments below in itallics

    "The DELTA QUEEN's calliope is mired in tons of fictitious storytelling which by the 1970's had become so embellished, I had trouble believing it myself. Last spring Zach Morecraft took a series of pictures, which lead to physical measurements and proved it was not possible the instrument was a 32-noter from its build date. 4 of the whistles were built by Mr. J. Van Splunter, and not original Thomas J. Nichol.

    So is it the WATER QUEEN calliope? Well, possibly but not likely. Did it instead come from a circus show...most likely. Was it built in 1869? NO 1890? Very unlikely. In the 1920's....most likely. Was it salvaged from the bottom of the Kanawha River? I seriously doubt it.

    But, where is the paperwork to substanciate any of this? The only document I have ever unearthed was a letter from EJ QuiNby to Dick states all the rhetoric about the salvage from the Kanawha River...and contains a drawing showing the instrument had clearly been sourced from Mr. Van Splunter based on the boxed manifold and whistle arangement....hence, it is most likely all a story and just that!

    I am looking forward to seeing what we can all collectively put together and perhaps one or more of us can uncover previously unlnown facts and seperate some of the Cmdr. E.J. Quinby and Don Demming "facts" from the realities.

    This is gonna be alot of fun...




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