1962 was the first year that Doc and Capt. Ernie Wagner were together on the DQ. Doc had spent 1959 as Mate on the DQ in order to upgrade his license, but 1962 was the beginning of the Big E, Little Doc DQ years. I'll report different topics in separate postings.
The 1962 season began in Cincinnati on Feb. 24 with the annual Mardi Gras trip to New Orleans. It was 36 degrees and snowing at departure. This trip ended at the wharfboat in the early hours of March 17. They laid over 5 days in New Orleans at Toulouse St. - foreboding of Doc's future????
There was a week before the second NOLA round trip left Cincinnati, which was followed immediately by a third NOLA round trip. The Derby Weekend trip was May 3-5, followed by a fourth NOLA round trip.
June 1-11 was the Reelfoot Lake trip.
June 12-22 was a Cincinnati/Pittsburgh round trip.
June 23 began 10 consecutive week-long trips to Kentucky Lake.
Sept. 1-4 was the Labor Day Weekend roundtrip to Louisville.
Sept. 8-27 was the Cincinnati/St. Paul roundtrip.
Sept. 29-Nov. 6 were the final two NOLA roundtrips.
Nov. 7 she left for Dravo, where she was pulled out on the 12th for the hull inspection. A bent port rudder was repaired, but the boat was "pulled back onto ways twice more due to faulty weld in sea chest" She left Dravo Nov. 17 and landed at the wharfboat Nov. 20, ending the 1962 season.