Much to my delight, recently, I saw an ad on's Amazon Books for a book about the Sultana disaster written by my friend, Alan Huffman, formerly of Vicksburg, who was covering the river beat for the Jackson Clarion-Ledger the year I brought the flatboat replica ADVENTURE GALLEY II down the Mississippi on the way to the ill-fated World's Fair of '84. So I placed an order for a copy and I am watching my mailbox for the moment my book arrives.

Alan is the fellow who has the 1840's pre-fab house, the one with the enduring white paint I wrote about, that was built in Cincinnati, disassembled, packed aboard a flatboat and brought down the Ohio and Missip and reassembled somewhere near Rodney, Mississippi where it remained for a century and a half until Alan saved it from razing and moved it to his farm near Bolton where it has been restored to all its former splendor.

Anyway.... I am anticipating reading Alan's take on the worst maritime marine disaster in US waters.