Hi, all. I wanted to share some positive words from the Delta Queen here in Chattanooga. With all of the "dischord" flying around, I thought we all could use something more "harmonious".

Bill and I have been working on 3 mainstage shows to put on the Orleans Room stage. Two of the shows you would've had a chance to see last season. One is the Delta Queen: A Musical Journey. We've added a few songs to it (including "Lovely Lady, Delta Queen" by Sam Stone that we learned from Cathy and Dave) and we are so excited to share it with more folks and help them fall in love with her story. We are also working on touching up my Great Ladies of Song show with a few additions as well, including blues singer Bessie Smith who is a Chattanooga native. And finally, we are writing a brand new show called "Showboat Serenade." It's a tribute to showboats through the ages, so we'll do everything from Stephen Foster to "Showboat" (of course) to Louis Armstrong to Proud Mary! We are having a wonderful time putting it together and hope that you all will get an opportunity to come see a show before we leave Chattanooga in the end of July.

Why are we leaving in July, you ask? Because we're getting married in August!!! Otherwise, you couldn't tear us away from this wonderful boat and this charming city. We have met the nicest people who have welcomed us and the Delta Queen with open arms. And it has been such fun working with Jennifer Lemmon. She's been our lunch buddy most days and we love having her positive energy and spirit here among the crew.

We are so thrilled that we are getting the opportunity to keep the tradition of good old fashioned steamboat entertainment alive. Bill is even going to be doing his Riverboat Gambler card tricks, we'll be giving historical tours of the boat every day, we'll be entertaining up in the Texas Lounge every evening, and they are even working to get the calliope going so it can be played every day!

If you haven't visited the website lately, go to www.deltaqueenhotel.com and see the fun new photos of us in all our showboatin' glory! Jennifer helped us take the photos. The costumes might look familiar if you cruised on the AQ or MQ in 2005 or 2006 (a big thanks to Wes and Bonnie!)

So, I'll sign off with heartfelt Delta Queen wishes to all of my favorite steamboaters out there and hope we see you on the river again soon!

Laura Sable