Capt. John,

Certainly you can have a job! So long as I get to be Calliope Player, Riverlorian and Chief Bottle Washer!

I agree with you on the GOLDEN LADY...the extra length helped with the overly tall decks making the DIAMOND LADY and EMERALD LADY look shorter than they actually were. The GOLDEN LADY (PAR-A-DICE) looked more proportionate with her added length. Months ago we had a discussion on here about the "LADY" boats and I posted a picture of a boat called CITY OF NEW ORLEANS...I hypothecised the "LADY" boats were from this design. I have later learned the "LADY" boats were exactly from this design with modifications to accomodate the Casino biz. Hence the tall decks (for overhead electronics and servalance equipment), removal of the skylight trunk (to accomodate wheelchairs and mobility scooters with more ease than stairs), and enlargement of the Texas cabin (more gaming space, of course!).

That CITY OF NEW ORLEANS was a beautiful design...SHE would have made the most beautiful overnight boat on the rivers, bar none! even the AMERICAN QUEEN would look fake next to her!

Yeah, I can't even imagine the response you would get docking the CITY at some of the Upper Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee River ports. With her air clearances and folding stacks (hydraulic pilothouse, too) she would be able to go to the navigational head of the Tennessee River (Knoxville) and couple of other places the DELTA QUEEN wasn't able to go.

Maybe someone will read this with money and invest in the idea...I'd be glad to buy a ticket from them if they did!