Judy, yes, the Diamond Lady is still in McKellar lake. The marina is at the upper end of the lake. The "Lucky Seven" landing barge that was used in Bettendorf and down south was fleeted with the DL in the same fleet and sunk years before the DL. The marina owner refloated it and took possession from the fleet operator several years ago. Since getting the contract to fleet the DL sixteen months ago, the DL and L7 are now together in the marina. I know that plans can go up in smoke quickly, especially in today's market, but I hope someone can make that boat run again. The Casino Rock Island is a beautiful boat, but the Diamond/Emerald/Golden were much better built boats.

Travis, I had the same dream about the Golden Lady. I worked on all three boats, the Diamond/Emerald Lady in Iowa and the Golden (Par-a-dice) in Peoria. The Diamond has always been my favorite of the three, can't explain why. I play the Powerball and Megamillions religiously and check my tickets every drawing night, ready to make a call and buy the Diamond Lady. My dream is to operate it on the Tennessee river as a dinner/excursion boat. On special occassions we would go to Louisville/Cincinnati and have a real race with her sister...sibling rivalry. Here's hoping one of us hit it and can make it happen. If you do hit it, can I please have a job?!?