My sentiments exactly. As a veteran of five good-looking gamlin' boats, I agree that the CRI is simply a wedding cake. Why cannot someone buy and run her the way Captain Bernstein did for the EMERALD LADY, now the BELLE OF CINCY?

What a beautiful boat. The CRI was built at LeeVac Shipyard in Jennings, LA. Did Rodney Lay design her? He did the Jennings-built faux sidewheelers; one of which is the COLUMBIA QUEEN. I think he also designed Bernie Goldstein's paddlewheelers. PLAYERS RIVERBOAT CASINO was the first of the boats built in the CQ style and I helped her bring out of the Mermentau River.

Riverboat casino boats are fast becoming a whisper in the wind; a moment in time on the surface of the waters, but a very exciting chapter in river history filled with some very great boats and interesting crews. If one wasn't a part of it, they will never know what it was really like; especially when the boats ran and we did what we did best.