Dearest Jennifer
Thank you so much. I have spent countless,and I do mean COUNTLESS nights crying my eyes out over our beloved Delta Queen.Many nights reading the posts and crying.. I have been so dissheartened that I did not reply as I felt it didn't matter. But, your wonderful post has eased my pain. You are so very blessed to be on our boat. It comforts me more than you could ever know to know your on her, and obviously just as conserned as we are about her. Please keep us informed, and always remember to never take the fact that you have been blessed by God to live a dream that many would give anything to be living , for granted! The Delta Queen does cast a spell over a person the minute you step onto her. We all love her and hope she is taken care of with love. It does appear that you are doing just that, and for that, I am eternally gratefull. Thank you so very much. In the river at Chattonuga and stationary but cared for, is better than ON the river in New Orleans and left to ruin is , I think we will all agreee, better.
Just one more one has mentioned her wonderful bell. Is it still in place? What about the wonderful crystal lamp in the main deck?? I polished it when I was a passanger and love it so. Just a quick hint for anyone cleaning the wonderful crystal lamp and chandalleirs...vinigar and water! Does wonderfull things for it's shine! ( an old hint from the Civil War era that works great !) Please give my beloved boat my love...I know it may sound funny...but, she has a soul. She will remember me. God Bless you for watching out for her. Thank you again.