Bruno, friends,

let's please differenciate and not use any occasion to offload your grief over the whole situation while - like here - it doesn't have to do much with the whole situation.

This permit only is about Army Corps of Engineers requirements, i. e. the mooring needs to be done right and according to Corps rules.

There are for sure many other permits neeeded to operate the DQ as a hotel, but that's not the Corps' business, so it's not part of this permit.

Please, just don't forget: Mr. Phillips at this time is the only one who takes care of the Delta Queen at all. From good sources I do know (and for the MQ we all know) what happens to the other boats when Ambassadors is the "caretaker" - they don't even install dehumidifiers to keep the interior intact. There is no investor around who actually HAS the CASH to buy the DQ; the ones we've seen only claim they want to buy the DQ and are disappointed when Ambassadors turns them down because they're looking for a long-term financing which doesn't seem to be an option for AMIE, probably due to their own difficult financial situation.

Anyway, I'm just asking for remembering what our goal is and what realistically is possible at this time. I haven't given up the Dqleta Queen. Not at all. But we need to stay realistic and give everything a friendly chance that has the potential to keep the Delta Queen alive, one or the other way.

And now you can flame me for this way of thinking ;-)