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Thanks for all the info. and the quick reply! It sounds like you're busier than a one-armed paper hanger between school and the boat. We're going through our usual spring madness with starting up for the season, so I'm on the slow bell for responses.

You mentioned in an earlier thread your search for steam equipment/parts. We are still able to buy new such small items as drip oilers. The newer ones, though, just don't catch your eye like the older models. It's the same with gauges. I've scoured through ebay's listings and had some success in finding such antiques relatively cheap if your willing to invest in some brass polish. We've also had donations made from retired engineers once they see we actually use steam equipment made obsolete decades ago. We still have valves in use that are antiques we recondition with some lapping compound, a lot of elbow grease, and patience. In fact, we have valves in use from companies (such as Jenkins) that have been out of business for many moons.

It was also mentioned in earlier threads your old steering wheel being around here. If its the wheel I've seen on display in our offices, I'll try to snap a photo for you. Anyway, I hope your season is going well.
The first thing I learned coming to the NY Merchant Marine University is how to turn tarnished brass into gold, so thats never a problem! I would love to see your collection, I have been looking around on eBay for products and such, and hopefully I can get a chance to come down and see some of the vessel down south come the end of the summer season and the fall. I got a message the other day, they had spoken with a female named Linda who said the wheel had been turned into a table! I can't imagine how it looks haha! Feel free to contact me CaptainMat@269belle.com !