I understand Alanís frustration with the Kentucky Derby Great Steamboat Race. I was fortunate enough to live the life and work the DQ in the late 1970ís. I always followed the event even before my days on the boat. Since I was on board the boat for the race I got to feel the excitement throughout the race, start to finish. That certainly makes a difference. I was not privy to inside information about the legitimacy of the race even though there was plenty of talk that the race was fixed. It seemed pretty obvious some races that it was fixed. Frankly, I chose not to believe the truth. Why? A steamboat ride was fantasy in the first place. People rode to escape back to a long gone time. To a style of luxury that perhaps never really existed the way it was being presented in modern times. So I drank the Juleps, cheered the boats, counted the wheel revolutions, let myself get just as excited as if the whole thing was completely on the up and up. Boy was that fun! Nothing like being a little tipsy and living out a fantasy in real life.