I like to think of myself as a generous man. I freely share my studies with other steamboat fans and historians. When asked, I have freely given permission to use my work providing credits are printed with the drawings. Lately, I keep finding sketches taken from my books, mostly the Western Rivers Steamboat Cyclopoedium, in other peoples' publications with no credit given.

When I wrote the book a critic from Academe' panned it because I did not use citations. There was no need, for the Cyclopoedium is an original work. Now, those lazy Academe' bums who write river-oriented books copy drawings from it and claim them as their own. Some of them hope to evade detection by mechanically reversing the sketches, by adding crude embellishment, or by whiting out parts, but they cannot deny their theft. It is sickening.

There is nothing I can do about it, of course. Litigation would only enrich attorneys at my expense.

This is a hurtful practice.