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Thread: Old BORDER STAR pix

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    Default Old BORDER STAR pix

    Hey all,

    Keith Norrington was very kind to give me a set of pictures he found in the collection of the late Captain C. W. Stoll of the old BORDER STAR.

    These show one of 4 known Dubuque Boat and Boiler built hydraulic sternwheelers. We have discussed these vessels at great length over the years on the boards, so I won't bore you all with the details of the uniqueness of the drivetrain of the vessels.

    This vessel was built in 1969 as the BORDER STAR and was renamed the BONNIE BELLE in 1978. In 1995 she was renamed ARAWANNA BELLE, in 1999 the COCOA BELLE, and in 2004 the MAGNOLIA BELLE, the name she carries to this day.

    The purpose of these historic pictures on the 19th of May 1975 is the principal members of the Belle of Louisville Operating Board looking over the vessel as a possible sister-boat to the BELLE OF LOUISVILLE. In these pictures you will see W. Clyde Glass, Chairman of the Board, Neil Whitehead (Board Member) and Captain C.W. Stoll (Board Member and part-time Pilot of the BELLE OF LOUISVILLE). In the end they do not buy the vessel. The vessel had been broken into at her landing below the Gay Street Bridge in Knoxville, TN. days before their inspection....hence the rather messy interior shots.

    When this inspection was made the vessels COI listed Jack Trotter as the vessels owner.

    Here are the questions I have about this set of pictures....anyone with answers feel free to chime in!

    Since the JULIA BELLE SWAIN was in the Kentucky Derby Festival Great Steamboat Race just 2 weeks before, Did Captain Dennis Trone have anything to do with the inspection of the BORDER STAR (as he designed and built her)? Was Captain Trone selling the boat for Mr. Trotter (Captain Trone ended up taking her to Chattanooga, TN that summer and later back to Knoxville when he sold the boat to Capt. Lloyd G. Poore who renamed her BONNIE BELLE (Bonnie after his wife and Belle after his mother))? Since it isn't showing in the picture, did Captain Dennis Trone add the air-operated steam whistle set (built by Harry Schell) to her while he owned her? Did Captain Trone add the formal pitman arms to the paddlewheel (as they are not in thises pics and no earlier known picture of the boat)?

    Many of you know I have had a love affair with this vessel for several years...hence my many questions here!

    If you don't have any answers, feel free to look, save, and comment!



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    Here are more of the set...enjoy! There will be more coming!

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    It seems I can't upload anymore of the pictures today. I will try and upload more at another time for you! These are really fascinating pictures and I look forward to sharing the rest of the set!


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    Perhaps it was my fault, as they seem to be loading now! Thanks again Keith for giving these to me to share!

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    A short story which may explain some of my fascination with this boat. My mother was in Jewish Hospital here in Louisville recovering from hand surgery when I saw the boat on the TV in her room. The News anchor on the 6pm news said her new name was to be BONNIE BELLE and interviewed Capt Lloyd Poore the new owner. Being a river fan, I recognised the landing in the picture was in Louisville and ran to the landing to see her! what a 12 year old will do to satisfy their riverboating wanderlust! I thought she was just as pretty as the JULIA BELLE SWAIN and resigned to have her when I grew up. Well, I guess I haven't grown up yet!

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    Here are some more of the set! You will notice the is interesting to note most of the appliances in this picture set are still aboard her today, in 2009!

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    Here we see the port side of the double-acting hydraulic rams which operate the paddlewheel in the same way as recriprocating steam engines did in the heyday of steam.

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    This is the end of the set. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. I have several more pictures of the boat under some of her later names and if anyone wants to see more of her, let me know. I will be glad to post more!


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    These are great photos, thanks for sharing them!

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    Ohhhhh that boat! Thanks for sharing Travis. She will always have a very special place in my heart as well. I'd love to have copies of all of those for my files Travis if there is anyway to reproduce them. I'd be happy to pay for them.


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