Like all of us I am grasping at straws looking for a way to save the DQ and I don't know if this has been discussed or not. If a the DQ can't get a full exemption, how about a modified exemption? What if the DQ was allowed to cruise with overnight passengers, but during daylight hours (12 hours) only and having to be connected to a city fire main or have a fire truck stand-by at night while passengers slept?

It would take some more creative itinerary planning, but would allow the boat to cruise and alleviate the concerns of fire onboard while away from shore with people sleeping. This would also allow more shore time for passengers to explore various towns (activities would have to be scheduled as the boat would be there at night) and also keep passengers from missing any sights cruising at night.

This may be a pipe dream and may have been discussed, but I really think that this idea could be a good compromise with a little fine tuning.