I went to Chattanooga and photographed the DQ on her approach to the city. You can see these photos at riverlifephoto.com. There were to be photos taken from the "Fat Cat" owned by Harry Phillips who, as you know, is responsible for the DQ going to Chattanooga. Alas, as you steamboaters know, things don't always go as planned. After loading as many guests as the Coast Guard would allow, there were tornado warnings in the area and Eric's and my plans to circle the DQ and shoot from the Fat Cat were cancelled. At the suggestion of the weather channel, I headed for cover, at the nearest bar of course, and waited for the storm to blow over. When I returned to the riverfront, the sun was shining. I couldn't see any passengers thru the windows, so I assumed their trip had been cancelled. I did manage to capture photos of the DQ leaving the riverfront and eventually tying up to her new home in front of Coolidge Park. She looks good there and I really feel that she will be well taken care of.