Wednesday's storms caused some problems along the Upper Miss: the City of Clinton Showboat nee Omar/Rhododendron had its smokestacks knocked off from the strong winds, but the shows went on. The Julia Belle Swain was in Dubuque and survived the squalls by putting out extra lines. Busch Stadium in St. Louis sustained quite a bit of damage just as the game was to begin, which means about 7 PM. The Mississippi Queen was docked up near the Eads Bridge that day and was presumably still there for the storm. No word if they had any damage. And many residents of St. Louis lost power, including some of our .orgers. Not only did Darin lose power, but he now has a tree lying across his front yard. Luckily it did no damage to his house. There is nothing showing on the locks page of the American Queen, so whether she is in the St. Louis area yet is unknown.