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Capt James Herbert
I did some searching in my lists of licenses steamboat personnel 1868,69,70,71,74 I didn't come up with much on you James. I found him in the 1870 census for New Orleans 5 District. where he is listed as a steamboat man, worth 100.00 and born abt 1836 in Ireland. His wife is Catharine born abt 1838 in Scotland, Son James born abt 1864 in Missouri, son Henry Edward born abt 1866 in Missouri and dau Hana ??? born about 1869 in Louisiana. I only found one license for him He got his first issue of a mates license in 1871 at New Orleans #69. It cost him $5.00. If he got his first issue as a mate in 1871 first year mates had to have a license, It is hard to see him as a pilot or captain earlier.

In St Louis city directory in 1854 that was a Charles Herbert reported to be a pilot living on the west side of 7th st between Lafeyette and Soulard. There is a Eugene Hebert who held a 1st Class pilots license 7th issue in 1869. 12th issue in 1874. In 1850 census I have a st Louis boatman William Herbest born abt 1815 in Ireland.

I checked mainly the St Louis, Memphis and New Orleans listings. He does not appear in Way's Packet directory or in Gould. Carl Jones

Thanks very much for your research Carl. We have never been sure he was actually a Capt.

He left Liverpool for the US after he was recorded in the 1861 UK census as a sailor living with his father at Toxteth Park. The family had moved to Liverpool from Ireland in about 1843.

He had James jnr and Henry in Missouri between 1864 and 1866 but I have no idea what he was involved in as a sailor at that time. I can't find him in Civil War records. Catharine had been in Orleans with her mother in the 1860 census but moved to Missouri ? with James. I wonder if this was to escape the fighting in Louisana.

Is it possible for me to obtain a copy of his mates licence? What does this give him as far as rank on a steamboat?

James has been a mystery that various members of our family have tried to unravel for 25 years!!

(The other Herberts you mention are unlikely to be related to me).

Anyhow, again, your help Carl is very much appreciated.


Peter Hinchy
Brisbane Aus