"Attracting the working class" ah yes--I can relate to that! I've been following the Delta Queen since 1970 when I discovered her being threatened by the Ships at Sea law. This kid in a Northern California mountain town (Dunsmuir--a railroad town, well it was then) started a local campaign to get everyone to write their congressperson. This coming spring I finally get to board her! Never could before, except once in 1981 when we'd finally saved up enough for a short (3 or 4 night) cruise, but then we had an opportunity to buy a house, so the cruise money went for the down payment. I don't regret that decision, but gee wiz. . . So now I am finally no longer self-employed and have a decent wage, and vacation times (a strange concept to one who has almost always been self employed--you don't work, you don't get paid!) but the real story is that Linda (my better half--one girl who wasn't chased off by my steam & steamboat fetish) had an inheritance AND we are both quite worried about the DQ's future decided that no matter what, we're going! Looking at the new policies, it may be our only time on board, but we will be there. As I mentioned to Bruno (we'll both be on the same cruise in March, looking forward to meeting them in person), like the credit card ads say, "Steamboat cruise memories? -- PRICELESS"
Hard to tell I'm excited about our upcoming cruise, isn't it? :)
David Dewey
PS, we haven't been totaly steamboat-less all these years, for 10 years we owned a little steam launch, "Mikahala." Had to sell it to make ends meet many years ago.