Harry Connick Jr is a natural fit for our cause. I'm sure he knows about the DQ because he has used some of her musicians in his band. With that in mind, I sent the following to info@harryconnickjr.com, the only contact email I could find at his site. The email, if read, will be read by someone in his manager's organization, which is why I addressed my remarks the way I did.

I suggest we all let Harry know how we feel. And while we're at it, we could also contact other prominent NOLA musicians.

email text follows:

To Harry's management team,

The steamer Delta Queen is an integral part of the history and economy of NOLA. I'm a musician who has worked aboard her, as have many NOLA musicians, some of whom I'm sure Harry knows. One in particular played trombone in Harry's road band, and I speak of the late and dear Brian O'Neil. Connie Jones is another who comes to mind.

The Delta Queen is in dire danger of being stripped of her ability to continue running on the Mississippi River, and the cause to SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN could surely benefit from Harry's support.

Please visit Save the steamboat Delta Queen | a private initiative to support this historic landmark for details.

And please, please tell Harry that we need him. And we need him ASAP.

Paul Penta
Member AFM Local 9-535