In the June 16th Waterays Journal I just received today there is a letter to the editor regarding Mr. Oberstar and the DQ from Walter Blessey Jr. For those who don't get the WWJ, the letter is firmly in support of Mr. Oberstar and for turning the DQ into a day boat. I would have thought that someone who has grown up working on the river as their profession and their livelyhood would have more appreciation for the small amount of "historic marine icons" we have left, but maybe not. I thought I'd pass the information along to those that don't take the WWJ. I don't know what Mr. Blessey's intentions where on writing the letter or if he and Oberstar are friends (sounds like they are). I wonder if Blessey has ever been on the DQ, and I wonder if he ever rides his own towboats. I'll openly admit there is a risk in doing just about anything these days, but I'd still take my chances overnight on the DQ anytime.

Anyway, thought I'd pass that news along. Something else to frown about.