To update everyone Representative Mister Steve Chabot is certainly giving it the good old college try. Today the Coast Guard Reauthorization Bill came on the floor for a vote. As a last ditch effort by Mr. Chabot one of our supporters made a motion that the amendment be added to the bill #2830 while it was on the floor.

I tuned into C-Span just as Mr. Chabot was ending his remarks and got to hear Mr. Oberstar's. (More on that later). When the chairman took a voice call the aye's and nay's were neck and neck. He tried to say the nay's had it, but of course, a vote was called for. It was neck and neck down to the wire. However, the nay's won and so we're still in the fight with the House. However, folks it's much, much closer than I ever imagined! The vote was something like 204 to 192 or something like that. I was so excited, my heart was pounding so hard, I was hyperventilating!

There were around 15 Democrats that voted for it. We have 12 Democrat co-sponsors. Only a few more and we'll be over the hump. CALL your Representatives office TODAY!!!!!!!! And again tomorrow!!!

Now to Mr. Oberstar's remarks. I will only tell you what he said and let you be the judge. First of all, he did bring up the steamboat fire that killed 1,700 people, but did admit it was back in the 19th century. Then he again compared it to not allowing unsafe 747's to fly.

Folks, our path is clear! The fight has just begun and we are so close to
V - I - C - T - O - R - Y!!!

TELL EVERYONE you see to CONTACT their representative NOW!!!! Don't delay. The day to SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN is TODAY!!!!!!!