Natchez Under the Hill is always a "must" when visiting that gem of a town on the bluffs of the Mississippi. I always make a stop at the saloon and take a gander at the riverboat memorabilia adorning the walls, plus the steamboat models built by the late Capt. Howard Tate, long a pilot on the DQ. Incidentally, those encased models survived when the bluff caved in on the saloon in 1980, killing a young woman who worked there. Indeed, John Hartford put on a fine show there in 1978 for DQ purser/Natchez native Margaret Peadbody & friends - and I'm glad I was there for it. The river was HIGH on that spring trip and I remember the DQ stage was lowered onto Silver Street, practically at the door of the saloon! The Under the Hill Saloon has a website and they sell souvenirs too! I do LOVE Natchez!!!