Just when I thought that I couldn't become any more cynical about human nature and the political process ....

I have received an e-mail from a politically-connected DQ supporter who says that the reason that the National Trust for Historic Preservation has been dragging its feet about the DQ issue is that Trust president Richard Moe is a close personal and political friend of Jim Oberstar, and he has ordered his subordinates not to get involved. When I first read that, I thought that I was going to have a heart attack. The leader of the American preservation movement is intentionally disregarding a truly unique historic treasure for the sake of his ties to the Washington good-ol'-boy network. This explains the response that one of us (I think it was Jo Ann or one of her friends) got from the Trust's Washington office last fall: "The Trust doesn't get involved in union-management conflicts." The boss had so ordered, to cover his buddy.

My initial reaction was that Raelynn and I should resign from the Trust in protest, but then I thought the better of it; we will be more effective fighting for the cause within the organization. I am writing to Moe to demand that he change course (ha-ha); I also am writing to Board of Trustees Chairman J. Clifford Hudson to ask that he direct Moe to reverse his policy on the DQ, or remove him from office for betraying the principles of the organization.

All of you who are Trust members should do something similar. Hudson's address is:

Mr. J. Clifford Hudson
Chief Executive Officer
Sonic Corporation
300 Johnny Bench Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73104

Dave V.