What a fantastic steamboating weekend was shared by river friends from all over the inland rivers in Louisville! Jonathan and I want to express our deepest appreciation to all who came to watch and listen to the IDLEWILD/AVALON program at the Howard Museum. In spite of temperature, humidity, and a long-winded narrator, we and our program were received graciously and enthusiastically. Thank you all for coming! A big thank you also goes to Keith Norrington, who ably stepped in as the modern-day Betty Blake to promote, plan and make this weekend at Howards possible. To Yvonne, Judy, and all the Museum volunteers, our gratitude for making the afternoon go so smoothly and enjoyably and deliciously. To Capts. Mullen, Donohue, Ray, and Chiefs Howe and Mattingly, the depth of our gratitude for your hospitality on the BELLE knows no bounds! And to so very many dear river friends who made the trek to the Falls City and Jeffersonville, you were the highlight of the weekend for us. If I begin to name names, I know someone will be forgotten, but it was each one of you who made this celebration of the IDLEWILD/AVALON/BELLE an affair to remember. Mark your calendars now: OCTOBER 18, 2014. The BELLE's 100th anniversary. Let's gather then aboard the matron of Western Rivers steamboating. Until next time we see each other, thanks for the memories!