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    Mary, Thanks for the compliment. However, due to a full time job at flood stage and a part time evening job (to pay for my steamboat addiction), my efforts have been curbed back somewhat. However, when the cat is away the mice will play. With both bosses being gone this morning, so far I have sent three emails and written one letter to folks I know that live in members of the Rules Committee districts. Got to get home to get another address and phone number this weekend for two more contacts, one in Vermont and one in Tampa.

    WHEN we get this exemption, it will not be the work of one individual. There has been much going on behind the scenes. We'll probably never know exactly who all has really helped. But kudos to EVERYONE involved! I would like to add though, that until the exemption is signed, sealed and delivered the work is not complete. So whether you have done anything previously to help the campaign it's not to late to start. And for those that have done something, don't stop now. Keep your shoulder to the wheel!!!!

    It has been a tremendous boost to our spirits that Majestic America Line has now publicly supported the effort.

    Full steam ahead!!!!
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