Hello all,

I am new to the forum, but growing up in Jeffersonville, IN, I've always had an interest in the river and I have recently begun acquiring steamboat and other river related books. In December, I purchased Capt. Way's "Log of the Betsy Ann" and enjoyed it so much that I immediately searched on-line for other works by him. I came across "Pilotin' Comes Natural" for sale at a book shop in New York state. The description said something along the lines of "Good condition-inscription in front cover". I didn't give it much thought until I received the book and found the following writing inside:

To the "Winnah" of
First Prize
Quiz Program aboard
Str. Gordon C. Greene
(signed) Tom R. Greene, Master
Presented to
Mrs. Emelie J. Babcock
by Capt. Tom R. Greene
(signed) Mary B. Greene
Str. Gordon C. Greene
Robt. H Mc(?), Purser

Thanks to the timely article this month in the S&D Reflector, I think I can narrow down the time frame for the writing to somewhere between 1943, when the book was published, and 1952, when the Gordon C. Greene changed names and careers.

Can anyone tell me what the full name of the Purser might be, and would this narrow the time frame for the writing at all? Does anyone have recollections of "quiz programs" on the boat?

Anyway, it was one of those rare unexpected little extras that you come across every now and again that really make the history "come alive".

Rob Minton