Steamboating colleagues:
Thanks to Alan Bates for sending the 'Pic blog' [Formerly 'Picture of the Week'] showing the Str. FULTON heading to catch the newly launched Str. INDIANA for the L&C LINE, 1900 at the Howard yards in Jeffersonville. This photo has all and more you could ask for in a steamboat photo: time period, composition, action, light and shadow, balance, mood. This Howard photo is one of two--possibly more--taken that day. Another view shows the big CITY OF LOUISVILLE landed at the yards with wheels turning, decks loaded with invited guests along with workers, family members at the yards dressed in their best for the big launch of the INDIANA. The waiting rafts of timber, men in row boats, skiffs balance all out. Alan had much to say to me about those old wood rafts and the way they were secured together in those days. If he reads this he may come on and enlighten all of us. Good to see the 'Pic blog' being changed weekly.

R. Dale Flick