[QUOTE=R. Dale Flick;8940]Hi, Marian & steamboating colleagues:
Marian, glad to hear you, Ray and others will be chugging out on the AMERICAN QUEEN. As for the 'Tourism Committee' meeting Tuesday, Dec. 18th at 4:00 PM, leaves me wondering. At this point I'm 'foggy' on whether this discussion will imply a resolution from just the 'Tourism Committee' or one leading to a general statement from Cincinnati City Council. People tend to be playing this close to their watch pockets. I doubt this will be an open forum for speakers to address the DELTA QUEEN initiative at the microphone. If so, that could extend the meeting for some time in the late afternoon. During past civic/political issues I've arrived for meetings with all of us still there as late as 10:00 PM and pretty self-defeating. Ms. Ghiz is most aggressive on this and I'm assuming she will run the show. Likewise, she has been in support of 1st Dist. Steven Chabot's bill for the house in Washington. I asked Ms. Ghiz if she, or others, had any word from the present 'Tall Stacks' office. I note that 'Tall Stacks' has now relocated to new offices out of the center of Cincinnati here in Anderson Township near me.

The 'Cincinnati Convention & Visitor Bureau' here is aggressive as are other convention/travel groups across the river in northern Kentuky. I worked with them beginning in 1984 leading up to the 'Cincinnati Bicentennial 1788-1988.' That was the beginning of the 'Tall Stacks' event. I served as secretary for the event and the ideas, plans stemming from that planted the seed. Others on this web also joined and the effort has moved ahead.

R. Dale Flick