Neal Kapp has asked whether there is a posting on the board giving a current listing of those communties who have adopted resolutions in support of the DELTA QUEEN. To my knowledge, there is not a coordinated overall list that is current, but that information may be helpful for those of us who are working to generate support from this quarter. To my knowledge, the list of resolutions on the Upper Mississippi which have been passed to date are from city councils in Hastings, Red Wing, and Keokuk. I am working hard on the Dubuque city council, and my sample resolution has been forwarded to the city manager for his recommendation to the full council at a future meeting. The council's secretary assures me I will be invited to the meeting where it is discussed. Those of you working on getting resolutions passed by cities on the Ohio, Lower Mississippi, Kanawha, Illinois, St. Croix, Tennessee, Cumberland, etc. please update our list so we know where to concentrate efforts. Thank you!