Jonathan and I are very pleased to announce that the first fifty copies of his "Save the Delta Queen" video in DVD format were mailed today. Because of the kind and generous support of many on this message board, we were able to make an initial run of 150 copies for complimentary distribution. The first shipment went out to our contributors and to those who wrote Jonathan and asked for a copy. We also sent copies to Rep. Steve Chabot and each of the 19 co-sponsors of HR 3852 today. Our next shipment this week will be mailed to the 69 remaining members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and to the 18 PBS television stations which broadcast to river communities on the boat's inland rivers' route. Also on our future mailing list are selected U. S. Coast Guard officials, plus any additional requests we receive from the boat's supporters. There are two other possible groups or organizations we are considering to receive copies. They include the city councils of the river cities served by the DELTA QUEEN, and the local affiliates of the three major TV networks broadcasting from cities visited by the boat. However, that list of TV stations, which is already assembled, comprises nearly 65 stations! At this point, we are not certain if we will mail DVDs to them. Should you have particular individuals or groups that you feel should see this DVD, please let Jonathan or myself know, and we will try to get a complimentary copy out to them. One afterthought: our local cable TV community access station has Jonathan's video scheduled for regular broadcast as soon as they can arrange it. Check in your city to see if you have a community access TV channel, and if so, offer the "Save the DQ" video for possible broadcast in your area too.

Jonathan encourages anyone receiving a copy of his DVD to feel free to make copies and distribute it to as many others as you wish. Anything to get the word out! However, we are both concerned that individuals in Congress or in other government agencies (like the USCG, for example) may not look kindly upon receiving multiple copies of this video from many different sources. Consequently, we have generated a "mailing list" of those to whom we have already mailed the DVD, and ask that any copies you have or reproduce not be sent to these same individuals. This mailing list that we compiled was included with our mailing of the DVD, and I will also ask Jonathan to post it on this message board.

Finally, a BIG THANK YOU for the generosity, tremendous support and encouragement so many of you gave to Jonathan's project. Hopefully those who see this video will join with us in helping preserve overnight steamboating on America's beloved DELTA QUEEN.