Alan, when they removed the extended Texas on the Belle, which gave more passenger room, didn't the CG actually reduce the capacity by a couple of hundred? As to the Natchez' capacity/loads: she's licensed for 1650. The most I've seen on her is 1300. I'd suspect the '82 Tell City trip might have been her highest, somewhere around 1400. As big as she is, there is only inside seating for 258, including the Texas and Magnolia. Add all the outdoor seating and she's probably got a total of 700-800 seats. A crowd of 1100 gets cozy on a regular public trip. 1100 on a charter with free food in the dining room gets REAL cozy. At 1300, its shoulder to shoulder everywhere. They rarely cap the limit, mainly in bad weather for charters or dinner trips to be able to get everyone inside, at least for a while. That cap is usually around 500. Hopefully they'll be having those problems again soon!