Yes, Judy, that is true. Doc Hawley knows more about that than I. It had something to do with enclosed spaces and registered tonnage. . .let's not start THAT again. The Idlewild was allowed 1,600 when she was new. The Belle of Louisville's ultimate passenger allowance today is unknown to me. The operating board restricts the number of passengers by limiting the number of life jackets aboard to 800. It was 1,353 when I was mate and I know we carried more than 1,600 on a trip on Green River. I was told to stop counting at 1,353 and did so. A double line of patrons containing at least 300souls came on after that. It was the trip from Hell. We ran out of ice and the ambient temperature was above 100 degrees, Fahrenheit. The concession stand served hot drinks (Coca-cola, etc.) and soon ran out of that. The people loved it! We left Rockport with a bare boat, literally!