Well folks the plans for our third annual JIM'S DREAM trip are made. Sorry to say to the folks who want to go but have not contacted me, the trip is about full. If you want to go, get with me at Howards on Saturday and we'll see if there have been any cancellations.
This year we will have some very special guest pilots.....Leone, Franz and Carmen.
Instead of retyping everything here is an email I wrote outlining the details:

.....Kenny and I did our exploratory trip to Rose Island there other day. I believe everything will work out and people should have a good time. Here are the preliminary plans...any input or suggestions would be most appreciated:
Load at Captains Quarters at 10:30
Leave at 11:00
Arrive Rose Island about 12.:15.........we can't go up the creek, my boat is too big and they won't allow anything but boats with trolling motors. We will pull into the bank at the old landing on the river where the AMERICA used to land...the 3 stone columns at the park entrance are still there.
Anyone wanting to get off can......they WILL have to WADE ashore...water about knee deep. Kenny will conduct the tour on the land to the old swimming pool, foundation stones to the old hotel, and the old bridge across 14 mile creek are still there.
For those not wanting to get off, we will cruise up the Indiana bank about a half mile to the site where the TELEGRAPH ran aground and sank....area known as TELEGRAPGH rocks.
1:15 back at Rose Island landing and pick up the shore excursioners.
Lunch will be served after we depart Rose Island enroute back to the dock.
2:30 arrive back at the dock.
Checking costs, convenience, etc. we have decided to get fried chicken from Walmart along with potato salad and cole slaw, tea and cokes.
We figure we could do all that for about a $5.00 contribution per person...not bad for a boat ride and lunch.
The only troubles that I can see will be the weather...if the sun is out it will be HOT!!!!!!!!!! So everyone should dress accordingly, in fact a parasol might not be a bad idea. Kenny and I are going to bring two patio umbrellas and try to set them on the roof to provide at least a little shade. By scheduling the trip from 11:00 to about 2:30 hopefully we'll avoid the major heat of the day.
It's a pretty trip up there and back, we'll go up the Indiana side and come back the Kentucky side.
Any comments or suggestions will be most appreciated.
I believe Capt. Walnut will have the MISSY accompany us again this year and hopefully after we get back from Rose Island, he might give rides on Harrods Creek.
I will give details later about where Captain Quarters Marina is and how to get in. I'll probably pass out a map to all those that are going on Saturday when we meet a the museum.
Let's all make it a fun day.