Anyone who swam in the river in the '50's has many tales to tell of meeting certain floating objects sharing the same water space. Our swimming hole on the Licking River was below one of the largest sewer outlets that served the Latonia suburb. Right after a rain we had to be especially wary of "floaters", as we called them. After a while, we boys developed a unusual style of swimming whereby we pushed a wave of water away from us with each stroke. This proved very effective in warding off unwanted objects fresh from the huge concrete pipe above camp.

Drs. Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin, developers of the first polio vaccines, made it possible for kids, like us, to swim in the river without the fear of contracting that terrible water-borne disease. And that's the gospel truth. Before them, the Monday newspapers carried the names, in very small print as there were so many, of those unfortunates who had contracted polio over the weekend. The polio vaccines opened the door to one of the greatest enjoyments a kid could have. Swimming in the river!