Our elected officials still continue to double talk trying to ride the fence. Below is a letter I received over the weekend from John Yarmouth, first term representative, who represents Louisville, Kentucky. See if you can tell whether he supports the exemption or is against it. How will he vote?

And I quote:

"Thank you for contacting me to express your support for the DELTA QUEEN steamboat. I appreciate the benefit of your views on this important issue.

As a longtime Louisville resident, I have many great memories of watching the DELTA QUEEN and the BELLE OF LOUISVILLE participate in the Derby Festival Great Steamboat Race. The boat race is an important part of derby festivities - dating back to as far as 1963. Many Louisville residents look forward to the race each year, creating a great following for the DELTA QUEEN and the BELLE OF LOUISVILLE.

Unfortunately, the DELTA QUEEN faces an uphill battle this year to continue river operations. The 1966 Safety of Life at Sea Law forbids any vessel from carrying over 50 overnight passengers if it is constructed primarily of wood. The purpose of this restriction is to protect passengers from potential fire hazards. The DELTA QUEEN bypassed this restriction for years with a special exemption from Congress. With the current exemption set to expire in November, 2008, Congress must pass another exemption so the DELTA QUEEN can continue river operations."

**(I have to wonder where he got all this information - steamboats.org, you reckon?)!**

And he continues:

"Please be assured I will monitor this issue closely in the months ahead and make sure my colleagues understand the DELTA QUEEN's strong following in Louisville. Thank you again for taking the time to contact me on this important issue. I hope you stay in touch".

He can bet his last bottom dollar I will stay in touch! What's your opinion? Will he vote yes or no?