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    Deb and I just received a newspaper article from our sister-in-law that has a sister in Marietta. The title of the article, from the Marietta Times is "A Royal Visit". I'm sorry I don't have the date. I'll paraphrase here, emphasis is mine:

    "Jim Berard, communication director for the House Transportation Committee said the boat does not meet fire safety codes set in the 1930's and the U.S. Coast Guard is adamantly opposed to an exemption from these regulations. 'They've determined that carrying overnight passengers is a fire and safety hazard', he said. 'There have been fires on the Delta Queen in the past; fortunately, they have proven to be not too destructive' The Coast Guard will not certify the Delta Queen because it's wooden superstructure does not fall under the agency's fire retardant materials regulations. 'They have engineers; they are the experts', Berard said. 'The Chairman listened to the Coast Guard.'"

    Why are we paying this man to be in our government? And the HUGE question of the hour is WHY ISN'T SOMEBODY FROM THE COMPANY passing out a press release to each and every reporter to counter Oberstar's fantasyland?

    The reporter is Patrick Cooley...and you betcha he's gonna get an e-mail from me. And Franz...I suspect that the above doesn't work with copywrites, so feel free to delete my paraphrase and insert a link...
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