I see. This is the only article I could find on an internet search in the Waterways journal that even remotely resembles what you had said. The article looked like it may still apply. It was, however, dated a week later. I guess you have to be a subscriber to the journal to actually find the article. I have no connection with the river industry other than my love for the steam paddlewheelers. The DQ is among the last of them!

Keep up the good work you're doing in finding alternative solutions to the goal of saving the DQ. Your suggestions have been among the best I've seen! Getting the exemption is important for now, but we've got to think past the current exemption if we are to keep her safe and prevent this from happening all over again. I supported the Save the Delta Queen campaign in 1970 and didn't really expect I'd be doing it again a full 37 years later!

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No, Richard, it is the Old Boat Column.