I have received a copy of an NBC (I think) program from 1970 which covered the effort to save the DQ back then. The arguements are the same as today with two major differences. 1- The company wanted to keep her running and, 2- one of the key opponents (a congressman) did not run for re-election that year and was replaced by a pro-DQ candidate. The film has interviews with Capt. Wagner and other notable DQSC officials. I've thought about posting it on Youtube but am concerned that there may be a copyright problem, which I don't need.

Also with this is NBC coverage of Jimmy Carter's trip on the DQ in several segments that ran on the NBC Nightly News. But that's another story.

While I can't sell these, I wonder if sending free DVD's to selected congressmen and senators would do any good. Any thoughts?
-Jim Herron