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    Default DQ video from 1970

    I have received a copy of an NBC (I think) program from 1970 which covered the effort to save the DQ back then. The arguements are the same as today with two major differences. 1- The company wanted to keep her running and, 2- one of the key opponents (a congressman) did not run for re-election that year and was replaced by a pro-DQ candidate. The film has interviews with Capt. Wagner and other notable DQSC officials. I've thought about posting it on Youtube but am concerned that there may be a copyright problem, which I don't need.

    Also with this is NBC coverage of Jimmy Carter's trip on the DQ in several segments that ran on the NBC Nightly News. But that's another story.

    While I can't sell these, I wonder if sending free DVD's to selected congressmen and senators would do any good. Any thoughts?
    -Jim Herron

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    I think it's a fine idea. I'm willing to chip in on the cost of the DVD's and Postage.

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    My earlier offer still stands: I work with a producer, have some of the latest post-production software, and have plenty of time to produce a quality HD DVD for the cause. I have alerted Dean that I may have a 30 second spot to produce, which we would send to every station on the Mississippi and Ohio River systems. I have a lot of footage that I have shot myself, thus taking care of copyright issues, but we can easily get clearance from anyone to use their material as well. That PSA sort of thing was my idea, but we can work on anything that will help. I've been absolutely traumatized by this whole thing--some nights I can't even sleep.

    Bob Blomberg

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